Greetings everyone,

We want to let you know that the Gracy introduction video is released! The video was created to help people better understand Gracy. The virtual HR specialist joining as a member of Slack workspace, Gracy helps teams create fruitful workplace cultures by improving online work environments.

The video is now released on the official Gracy website and Youtube so please take a look and like our video.

Video by Gracy



image by Gracy


We are pleased to announce that our product rebranding process to ‘Gracy’ is finally completed. Now, with the new name, ‘Gracy’ will work as a virtual HR assistant to empower workplace culture.

More information about Gracy can be found on the official Gracy website: []

Gracy can be added to any Slack workspace. Through a series of rigorous screening processes, the Slack team has officially approved Gracy app to be listed on Slack App Directory as well.

Gracy on Slack App Directory can be found here:

Thank you always for your support, and have a wonderful holiday season!

Gracy Team




Hello, I am a virtual HR specialist Gracy, helping companies create a fruitful workplace culture.